Tale of two programs today, sort of. First 35 minutes or so were on Jeffery Riddle claiming they will be changing the NT in 200 places in the upcoming (24/25) NA29th edition, and what that is all about. Discussed ECM/CBGM, etc. For those interested in textual issues, you will enjoy that portion. Then we switched over to the “Christian Nationalism” topic prompted by a series of tweets from Doug Wilson and Owen Strachan. Gave my position very fully and then interacted with both brothers, as that always helps to clarify things. Realized after the program was over I was going to look at the article posted at G3 today that I found very interesting, but ran out of time. Tomorrow I will be joined by one of the Navy SEALS who fought against the Regime’s dangerous vaccine mandates, so join us at 3pm EDT for that!

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