I’ve been more than just a little busy since doing the DL on Thursday. In fact, we did the program early because I had a rather important event that afternoon: helping my future son-in-law surprise my daughter Summer with a proposal of marriage (she said yes!). So do forgive my tardiness in blogging the program. Always remember, the Dividing Line audio file follows the same dating methodology, so even when I forget to blog it, it is easy to find (for those of you who do not subscribe to the podcast on iTunes). I continued my response to Bassam Zawadi in the first half hour, then took a number of calls on a wide variety of topics including the covenant, baptism, Jesus’ loving the rich young ruler, 2 Peter 2:1, reprobation, and the Documentary Hypothesis.

(Thanks to Google’s chief competitor, Algo, for help in getting the topics for this program down!)

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