Started off the Dividing Line with a brief chat with Mike O’Fallon of Sovereign Cruises on the subject of our October cruise and the fact that there is still room to join in but time is passing us by. Once the ship fills up, we can’t guarantee anyone a spot, so now is the time to get on board!

Then we moved to Tuesday’s Catholic Answers Live program, playing some of the commercials and commentary regarding the Steve Gregg/Tim Staples radio discussion (which they like to call a “debate”). We noted that in their commercials, and even in their live discussions, I’m “anti-Catholic” James White, but Steve Gregg is just…Steve Gregg. I wonder…if I’m an anti-Catholic (and the only meaningful use of such a phrase would be to describe someone whose entire faith is defined by its opposition to Rome), why is my next major debate with Shabir Ally? Strange. Anyway, we then reviewed their comments, took a call on a completely unrelated, but interesting, subject (the London Baptist Confession of 1689), and then played a section from the Bible Answer Man broadcast, which CA likes to call a “debate,” featuring Akin and yours truly. In it I pointed out that in the very first topic discussed Akin avoided my claim, falsely charged me with eisegesis, and put up a straw man. I may just have to go back through that program from 1995 and demonstrate that it seems someone is doing the “if you say something often enough people will believe it” routine.

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