We continued our response to a lengthy email I received regarding God’s sovereignty, theodicy, the nature of Adam and Eve, judgment, etc., in the first 45 minutes of the program today, followed in the last half by, I believe, a whopping four minutes of Dr. Phil Fernandes’ opening statement (which means I provided a lot of commentary, including a fairly lengthy discussion of 1 John 5:1, the relationship of faith and regeneration, etc.).

Tomorrow…ANOTHER jumbo DL, but at the regular Thursday afternoon time slot, going from 4 to 5:30pm. I hope to split this one up into three sections: half an hour finishing up the email response, half an hour on the Fernandes/Comis debate, and then I wish to launch into the Slick/Perkins debate on the Trinity vs. Oneness theology in the last half hour. Something for almost everyone! How long will the jumbo DL’s last? I don’t know, but might do one on Tuesday just to leave a half hour for calls, too.

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