“It seems to me that what Dr. Silverman ought to do tonight is he ought to become a Christian who doesn’t believe in Biblical inerrancy. That would be a perfectly consistent conclusion for him to draw as a result of tonight’s debate. That God exists, that He has revealed Himself in Christ, but he’s not ready yet to believe in Biblical inerrancy. I would be thrilled if he made a decision like that tonight.” [wild applause] These are the words of Dr. William Lane Craig in a recent debate that we reviewed briefly on the Dividing Line today. I had a few questions for Dr. Craig as a result of these final words in this recent debate. Then we went back to our review of the Reeves/Perkins debate, then the Kunde/Green debate, finishing off with the Fernandes/Comis debate. We may actually finish that last debate in the very near future!

Also, please note that Thursday’s Dividing Line will begin at 10:30 AM.

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