Started out reviewing some of the comments of Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig from Australia today, as featured on Unbelievable. Had to take time to interact with Craig’s “God didn’t do the Canaanite children any wrong because they all went to heaven” defense once again showing that where you start theologically will always, always determine your apologetic argumentation. Then we returned to South Africa preparation, today looking at comments by Bashir Varnia on salvation.

This was our first attempt at streaming with YouTube Live and for some reason we had a number of cut outs during the stream. We are still working on finding out why but this program was cut down to one hour instead of 90 minutes. Since we recorded the audio in full we spliced the missing audio back into the video and matched it with freeze frames.

Can’t see the YouTube window? Click here to go to the show and watch it on YouTube.

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