Today’s DL was 90 minutes in length to give me time to launch into two new studies. First, I began responding to a lengthy e-mail relating to the grounds upon which God can justly judge men in light of His sovereignty. Then, after 45 minutes on that I moved into a review of the Fernandes/Comis debate on the Five Points of Calvinism, starting out with some general comments on the very broad topic and the role Federal Visionism played in the debate. Then we got into Dr. Fernandes’ opening statement. We will pick up with both topics again tomorrow on a follow up jumbo edition, which should begin sometime between 11 and 11:30am, depending on when I complete an interview I am doing that was already scheduled. Then we will have another jumbo edition on Thursday at our regular time! That makes for 4.5 hours of live programs this week! Could be a record, but I think this is important material to cover thoroughly.

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