When you’ve been away for a while, topics add up! So, we went for a full two hours today. Started off with some shorter discussions of a recent Bart Ehrman insult tossed my direction (based upon lies by someone named M.L.), then visited the newly revived Caner Scandal as Ergun and Emir teamed up to appear on the John Ankerberg Show. Can’t wait to watch these new episodes to compare them with the ones from 2003 and see how Ergun’s story will have changed, despite, of course, his not having lied about anything at all! I did briefly note the withdrawal of Pastor Giglio from the Inauguration festivities as well. Then we spent the rest of the program reviewing William Lane Craig’s comments relating to Islam and evangelism (taking one call on the meaning of “God is love” at the end). Here’s the program.

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