Went for two hours today, having planned to cover four topics at 30 minutes each—and failing that plan miserably. I took way too much time responding to Micah Coate’s attempt to get around Romans 9 by chopping it up into disparate, disconnected parts and ignoring the flow of thought and argumentation. I have been told that in this he is simply following some of the rather radical proponents of “anti-Lordship salvation” under whom he has studied at Phoenix Seminary. In any case, we were not able to get back to our study of the Fernandes/Comis debate. Instead, we went back to responding to Roger Perkins, but we did so by looking at his debate with Bruce Reeves. I gave up on the Slick/Perkins debate mainly due to its lack of audio quality. In other ways the Reeves/Perkins debate is superior anyway, especially for our purposes in responding to this form of theology. But then in the last portion of the program we managed to finally get back to where I should be in my thinking and studying, that being the area of Islam. I began reviewing Abdullah Kunde’s debate with Samuel Green on the subject of the Trinity versus Tawheed. This is directly relevant to the subjects will be debating in Sydney in October.

We will be doing two more Dividing Lines this week. Tomorrow, beginning at 1 PM Mountain standard Time we will do a jumbo sized program of 90 min. In the first hour I will continue my review of the Kunde/Green debate. Then, we will open the phones for the last half-hour for all of you who’ve been complaining that I have not been taking any live calls for quite a while. That includes our beloved Johnny, who undoubtedly has a question about the personal views of a medieval Pope that I would never be able to answer. 🙂 So if you have been calling in wanting to get a question aired, tomorrow at 2 PM will be your chance.

Finally, on Thursday, we will get started at 3:30 PM for a jumbo sized program (90 minutes) continuing our examination of each of the debates we have started.

Now, we will be offering something special on the Way Back Machine on Thursday. I mentioned today on the program that I would contact Bruce Reeves and ask him if we could have his permission to play the debate he did with Roger Perkins on our stream. That way people could get the full context of the materials I will be reviewing over the next couple of weeks. He immediately responded in the positive. So, starting at 11 AM on Thursday we will begin streaming the 4 1/2 hours of debate that took place between Reeves and Perkins on the subject of the Trinity. Even those who are not directly involved in doing apologetics with reference to Oneness Theology will find this exchange interesting. It will certainly increase your appreciation of the comments that I make as I respond to Roger Perkins.

Also, I have noted a few people asking about when we are going to finish the Bob Coy sermon. We aren’t. There really wasn’t anything more to do with that particular presentation, as the only unique part of it had already been covered. I mentioned that when we moved our attention over to the Fernandes/Comis debate.

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