Started off with just a few comments on the Papal Resignation, and then got back into the NT Wright article. I also noted that I have put a number of Wright books on the Ministry Resource List, and if folks want me to expand my study of Wright and attempt to provide some kind of explanation of his views in other areas, especially in Christology, and interact with those things, well, there’s a way to “vote” for that—by purchasing the books off the MRL! So if those books are all purchased in a few days I’ll know there is sufficient interest for me to record them and listen to them along with my regular studies as I ride and bring that information to you all during the Dividing Line. (I noted that I have the hard copies on the list too, for reference and citation, along with the Kindle versions for recording and listening). The bulk of the hour was then taken up dealing with the “law court” setting in Wright’s views.

UPDATE: OK, got the message! The MRL is…well…gone. Cleaned out. Empty. Vacant. Many thanks! Will fire up the Kindle and start recording! But, of course, I won’t be able to start on things until after Charlotte and Dublin.

And don’t forget the WayBack Machine, streaming Dividing Lines from 1998 onward 24/7! You can listen on the Flash Player found here.

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