Started off the program today with about 20 minutes on the topic of Matthew 24:36/Mark 13:32 and about the fullest discussion I’ve given of this text (uploading a YouTube video of just this portion even now). Then got back into my response to Wajdi Akkari, dealing with issues from early church history and the doctrine of the Trinity. Wanted to finish up my full response, but alas, I still have a small portion of Mr. Akkari’s presentation left to handle.

I also noted at the beginning of the program the information for my debate with Shabir Ally at the Islamic Center in Toronto:

My sincerest thanks to Neilson Bulloch for moderating this debate and doing the work in setting it up, and my thanks to the North American Muslim Foundation for providing the location. I really look forward to the 22nd!

Also, I noted my going to Hawaii at the beginning of March. Here you can find the information for one of my two stops while “in the Islands.”

Finally, I mentioned looking for a citation I wanted to read for Mr. Akkari during the program but couldn’t. This is the text from Ignatius’ letter to the Ephesians I wanted to note:

But I have learned that certain people from there have passed your way with evil doctrine, but you did not allow them to sow it among you. You covered up your ears in order to avoid receiving the things being sown by them, because you are stones of a temple, prepared beforehand for the building of God the Father, hoisted up to the heights by the crane of Jesus Christ, which is the cross, using as a rope the Holy Spirit; your faith is what lifts you up, and love is the way that leads up to God.

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