We finished looking at the eleven Calvinist objections answered in the appendix of Olson’s new book. I noted that I will try to work his book on Arminian theology into my reading/listening/riding schedule over the next few weeks, mainly because I found his attempts to explain God’s relationship to time and the events in time highly problematic. Stay tuned for that! We then took the time to play the audio of the audience interruption of Ergun Caner’s talk on Islam and Mormonism at the Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel back on 10/29, and we gave a good bit of background information on what actually happened.

Note that I will be listening to a debate that was sent to me on Calvinism involving the well-known KJV Only advocate Sam Gipp while I ride over the next few days. That may result in a spontaneous, uncontrollable explosion of Radio Free Genevas, at, like, 2:45am or something. So…be warned!

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