Couldn’t let some folks have withdrawals for nearly two weeks (and I wanted to comment on a few things myself!) so we did a special Monday DL today. I started off looking at Ezekiel 36 and 37 and the beautiful presentation of God’s work of regeneration in the New Covenant displayed therein. Then we listened, without interruption, to a nine minute clip from the 2/25/2010 Pastor’s Perspective radio program with Brian Brodersen. A caller called in and asked about how they would understand God taking out the heart of stone and giving us a heart of flesh if their “free will” position was correct. I felt bad for the caller: he never got an answer. What he got was a classic example of mis-direction, eisegesis, and “our tradition says this, so the Bible could not possibly be saying that.” Our one caller asked about another text in Ezekiel, and that finished out our time. But before taking that call, I played a section of another Ergun Caner sermon where he not only claimed that he had only lived in majority Muslim countries prior to coming to the United States (Sweden today is not a majority Muslim country, and it surely wasn’t back then) but claimed Arabic was his language prior to English—a claim directly contradicted by his 2/25/2010 published statement on his website. Which is the truth? Only Dr. Caner knows.

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