Did a Wednesday morning edition of the DL from London today, starting off with a few brief comments about the “Circle the Wagons, Shoot Anyone Who Moves” attitude of folks like Peter Lumpkins in reference to the Ergun Caner situation (did he really debate Abdul Saleeb—which means “Servant of the Cross”?), reported on the debate Monday evening, and the two Unbelievable radio programs with Justin Brierley, and then filled the rest of the hour, without break, responding to Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel. Brodersen wrote a response to me (oddly, without feeling it appropriate to use my name) that can be read here. It is a classic example of tradition-driven eisegesis, with a few rather surprising statements (did you know there is every reason to question the eternal state of the Amorites who were destroyed by the Israelites?). It also contains a good example of how the leadership of the largest non-denominational denomination (which has a very unbiblical ecclesiology which they cannot examine because, as everyone knows, they don’t have an ecclesiology, yet, if you violate their ecclesiology, you get kicked out of the movement) handles texts that they are twisting but can’t defend their twisting: just believe what we say, period. That’s basically how he handled Matthew 23:37, while skipping right past the words themselves. In any case, this was the first program we’ve done on the new streaming PC, so we were really pushing it to do it via Skype.

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