We started out announcing that tomorrow on the Dividing Line Mike O’Fallon is going to join me to make a massive, huge, uber-sized ANNOUNCEMENT that will thrill, shock, and amaze you all, and force every single one of you who has been sitting on the fence to get OFF the fence and head to Seattle in August for our National Conference and Cruise to Alaska. Don’t miss the DL tomorrow, as you will never forgive yourself for missing the opportunity to have “been there the day James and Mike announced….” Ha! Thought I’d spill the beans, did ya? No, I am a professionally trained webcast host! I cannot be bought or bribed, either (well, OK, actually, I’d tell anyone who offered me a pair of Oakley C-Wires or something comparable).

After announcing the upcoming announcement, I discussed the JETS article in the June 2004 issue on justification, discussed a little about David Cloud’s enslavement to tradition, and the rest of the program I tried to finish up reviewing the Dr. Reavis’ sermon on Calvinism, and got fairly close, but not quite all the way.

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