Well, I wish to thank Guardian from the Catholic Answers Forums for calling in today. He indicated that he hopes to have a documented list in defense of his claims regarding me compiled in…about three months. Of course, as we spoke, it became clear that his assertions were in reference to what he called “macro-cosm” scholarship, which, evidently, means that only Roman Catholics are truly “scholarly,” and everyone else can only be scholarly on the “micro-cosm” level. I’m not sure how that will flesh out, but as I predicted at the time, I think it will be “White is wrong about his conclusions regarding Rome’s view of X” rather than “White misrepresented Rome regarding this doctrine here.” I even asked if any of the examples he had related to misreading, mis-citing, or making up dogmatic statements of the Roman Church, and he said they did not; neither did they have anything to do with errors regarding the original languages either.

Anyway, that started the calls going, so we ended up talking about OT textual variants, using Surah 5 in witnessing to Muslims, and I did manage to play at least portions of a call to Steve Gregg’s radio show regarding Calvinism and the debate we hope to arrange with him. Gregg mentioned the possibility of having the debate at a church in his area. Of course, the problem is, given I’ve spent many hours already on the DL demonstrating basic errors of exegesis and argumentation, how do you cram that into a minimum of three hours? We’d have to be focused, to be sure.

I think I will try to finally get to Gregg’s comments on Romans 9 on the Thursday DL. In fact, we might well have a Radio Free Geneva! So make sure to tune in!

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