The DL today was quite eclectic since it was almost totally caller-driven. Calls on the nature of imputation, eis at Acts 2:38, a little something about Mary, and I likewise discussed some threads on the Catholic Answers forums, including one that had just begun about praying the Rosary for me instead of calling in. Ryan L did not call, but chose to again refer to me as a rabid dog, which was disappointing. So once again we have the fact that one side can be open in providing documentation, argumentation—the other cannot substantiate its assertions. Let the reader judge. 🙂 Here’s the program.

Also, I mistakenly said we would be doing the DL on Tuesday morning. I forgot I will be teaching in Mill Valley Tuesday morning. So, since I am likewise informed that my co-hort on the technical side of things may not be available on Thursday, I confess I am uncertain of the DL schedule for next week. I fly back Wednesday, so, maybe we can work something out there, I just don’t know. We’ll do our best, since I want to address some materials relating to the current Southern Baptist Convention and topics that have been raised there.

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