Sorry I had all my times messed upon on the program today. Not sure how I managed that (though I have a theory as to how Adobe Audition might have thrown me a curve), but in any case, we continued responding to Ehrman on textual critical issues, looking this time at the very, very minor variant found in a very limited number of witnesses (most notably D, which is notorious for its–eccentricities) at Mark 1:41 and whether Jesus was “angry” with the leper or had compassion on him, and how you can, by major spin, make it look like such things are major impediments to biblical authority. Then we took a call on the tests of a prophet, then back to Deedat very briefly, where I once again asked if any Muslims could tell me who had been honest enough back in the 80s and 90s to oppose Deedat’s horrific abuse of truth. Didn’t get any calls on that, but sure hope I will hear tomorrow from folks pointing me to those Islamic apologists and scholars who did the right thing back then. We will see. Here’s the program.

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