I was going to get back to the comments made by Zakir Hussain, but the phone kept me busy all hour, which surprised me, since we changed the time and that normally kills the phone calls. But we just ran with it and, as you would expect, covered a wide range of topics, from the “Aramaic Originals” theory to the nature of inerrancy, etc.

At one point Rich did make reference to the following:

If Rick Warren were a convinced Protestant he would be saying something like, “Join me in fasting and praying that God will reveal His gospel to the millions of Roman Catholics trapped in a false system, running on the treadmill of human religion, deprived of a finished and perfect work of Christ, under the authority of unbiblical ‘priests’ and prelates.'” But that would take more than 140 characters, and it would take a commitment to the idea that “theology matters.”

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