The Big Brains of Brussels (i.e., the EU) are worried about “stereotyping” the family—we can’t have kids thinking a mommy and a daddy are the norm! That’s heterosexism, you know. Yeah—tell me about it. Then we looked at some post-election issues relating to the great “unity” brought about by denying sola scriptura. The last half hour I spent looking at Hebrews 6 and making application to those who have stood in our midst and preached the gospel, but who then trade it away for the trinkets of Rome, announcing that on Thursday I will again, Deo volente, be joined by my dear brother TurretinFan to discuss the recent appearance of former Presbyterian minister Jason Stellman on the Called to Confusion podcast. We may be starting early on Thursday, probably getting rolling at 5:30pm EST so as to have enough time to get through at least a good portion of the interview.

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