I did not intend to spend pretty much the entire hour finishing up our response to Jason Stellman, but I did. TurretinFan did not join me, as I really did not think it would take as long as it did. But, we provided nearly four hours worth of response—a response Jason Stellman says he is not even going to listen to. He recently commented: “I actually haven’t listened to James’s podcast, so I don’t know what he says about me there. My guess it would be hard to listen to it without getting upset or frustrated, so I have just decided to ignore it.” There you go—he wouldn’t engage in a defense of Roman claims, but, then claims no one offered compelling arguments, and then when you provide refutation—well, he can’t be bothered. Not the first time I’ve encountered this kind of attitude—joining “infallible” groups has that effect on folks. As much as I’d like to see Jason rescued from Romanism, whether he ever listens doesn’t matter. Others need to know what the issues are and how Rome’s answers are empty. Of course, if he goes “on the circuit” and especially if he decides to start debating—well, then he needs to be taking the time to listen to what is being said in response to his claims. In any case, I did start off the program with a few minutes on Paul Williams and his recent debate with Chris Green, as well.

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