Covered some important topics today. Started with this article on the human genome and the fact that life…really is life! Great stuff. Then discussed the amazing response an evil-saturated society produces to anyone who says something moral (related to this story), then we discussed a story about Muhammad and his wives, then took quite a while to respond to Roger Olsen’s “fatal flaw” in Calvinism, then took a call from Greece on the Greek Septuagint.

In answer to all the tweets and e-mails, yes, I saw the warmed-over summary of Dave Hunt and George Bryson posted by Mark Cahill. I’m sorry, but I had never heard of Mark Cahill before he decided to demonstrate his ignorance of Reformed theology and Christian history, let alone Scripture, so I am uncertain as to why there is such a kerfuffle about his position. I see nothing new in the same tired, warn out, eisgetical human traditions of Arminianism that are regularly pawned on folks by the Dave Hunts and George Brysons of the world. It is sad to see someone who narrow in his view, and so unteachable, that he would take the stand he has, but he surely is not alone. There are hyper-Arminians and there are hyper-Calvinists. Best to trust the Lord, speak the truth, and press on!

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