Started off today with a Jerusalem Jones Update, documenting that Steve Ray can’t represent his former faith very well, nor can he understand the Greek text of the New Testament, either (and Marcus Grodi didn’t catch his error). Then Matthew Bellisario called in and wanted to argue about how many “practicing” Catholics were Nazi death camp guards. When I asked him, three times, to answer a simple yes or no question (the answer to which was obvious to any honest and thinking person), and he refused, I moved on to more useful callers, taking one call on witnessing to Mormon missionaries, and another on whether the Spirit would bring every one of the elect to perfect knowledge in this life. Then I spent the last few moments inviting Matthew Bellisario to call back and actually address any of my published, publicly stated arguments against Roman Catholicism. I listed quite a few. He didn’t call. I may post the video of that section tomorrow, if time permits.

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