Started out with a period of mourning for the demotion of Tim Staples from one of the “Church’s foremost Biblical scholars” to just “a top apologist.” We are still pondering whether we should send a dozen Tulips as a consolation prize. Then we looked at Hamza Yusuf repeating the “Nicea set the canon” myth, and then played a random clip from Grasshopperjax, the KJV Only fellow who has posted a 23-part reply to my book on KJV Onlyism. Also took a call on…the epistemology of ultimate authorities. Another eclectic Dividing Line!.

Then, just for fun, a random comment just posted in channel: (Fibster^) When you’re in school, and there’s a fire alarm you have to line up in a single file line from shortest to tallest. What is the logic? Do tall people burn slower?

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