Well, it was a mighty big day…and I do mean BIG day…on the DL, since I was joined by none other than the one and only Mylo Hatzenbuhler to talk about his brand new album, A Very Mylo Christmas. Oh my, what a privilege to once again get a chance to talk to such a huge star! Oh, yeah, and this other Clyde guy got on the phone later, too. But anyway, you just must hear Mylo’s new Christmas album, his first! You can listen to samples and order A Very Mylo Christmas here, at Mylo’s huge, almost-always-over-run-by-screaming-fans, website! And as Mylo reminded us, make sure you use www and not mmm, since that turns everything upside down! Then after we finished talking to Mylo (and that Clyde fella) we got on to theological things, like, Mormonism and Christianity, and the cadre of folks who seem quite intent upon muddling the vast chasm that separates any monotheistic faith from a polytheistic one. I will begin a series tomorrow on more of Millet’s attempts to re-write LDS history (and basically take over the LDS Church, it seems, with the tacit approval of a number of supposed evangelicals who know better) as well.

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