Did a review of four Unbelievable Radio programs to start off the program, discussing presuppositional apologetics, Victor Stenger, and a “liberal” who denied the resurrection of Christ (all programs I listened to this morning while on a 70 mile ride). You can listen to Justin’s program here, but since that airs in London, you can subscribe to the podcast as well (that’s what I do). Then we took some calls on a wide variety of topics, including Norman Geisler’s new edition of Chosen But Free (I contacted Bethany House Publishers, so I have a copy headed my way).

Just a reminder that I do live in a desert. Here is a little shot I took of a saguaro against the backdrop of the desert mountains, brush, etc., in the early morning light. It was nice out there at that time—but it is getting deathly hot again this week, with highs the next few days topping 110, lows in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Going to be tough to get in the 234 miles I want to cover before heading for Detroit next week!

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