After a brief report on ministry in Hawaii, I looked at two examples of why apologetic methodology must be derived from sound biblical exegesis and theology, not the other way around. Specifically, I responded briefly to this article by Paul Copan during the first half of the program. Here is the video of that portion:

I noted that others had already responded, including this article.

Then I started looking at a recent Reasonable Faith presentation (YouTube video found here, and the plain audio found here) including this incredible Q&A from a student to Dr. Craig wherein he identifies Cerberus as a possible illustration of the Trinity! Yes, the three headed hound of Greek mythology was the illustration Dr. Craig suggested to the student. I was left speechless as well, I assure you, but, see the video for yourself (time indexed to that specific question). We also tackled a few other questions from the presentation, and will continue our examination in future editions of the Dividing Line.

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