Couldn’t exactly avoid the topic of “Marriage Equality” today (a phrase that is so utterly absurd in its meaning that one is left stuttering at its prevalence in society), so we started off there, looking at Ted Olson’s vain attempts to disassociate polygamy (and any number of other perversions of marriage) from his defense of the redefinition of marriage. Then listened to some of Jason Stellman’s recent “conversion” testimony, including the identification of myself as the “guru of Calvinists who hate Catholics.” [Note: I sent Jason an email informing him that I would be addressing his comments, and he wrote back apologizing for the phrase and promising to do so publicly, saying he did not even recall making the comment, but noting it was off the cuff and inappropriate.] Also looked at his claim that Rome’s “paradigm” fits the biblical witness more faithfully, a comment that, in light of Rome’s teachings concerning popes and priests and purgatory and the like, strains credibility. Then we took calls, including one from 17 year old Austin on the challenges young believers have in this secular world. I tried to offer Austin some words of encouragement, and would hope he will continue listening and remember the words of Jesus in John 6:39. We have a faithful high priest, and a powerful Savior, who rose from the dead. Stay focused upon the cross and the empty tomb, and pray God will allow you to see the world through Spirit-enlightened eyes.

And don’t forget the WayBack Machine, streaming Dividing Lines from 1998 onward 24/7! You can listen on the Flash Player found here.

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