Had a fascinating little tidbit of information turn up today, specifically, that the Word documents from which the two “really bad, downright silly, really embarrassing excuses” files Norman Geisler has been hosting on his website for Ergun Caner (now found here and here) are stored in the same folder with the html files produced from them (currently able to be seen here, though, I really do not expect them to stay there long). And when you download the second file and open it in Word, open up the properties, you see that the company name listed for the originator of this horrific list of really bad excuses is…Truett-McConnell College:

Now, it is possible, in some Molinistic world, I guess, that someone puts Truett-McConnell College into the installation of their Word set up for the fun of it, but the most likely explanation for the presence of that in the “Company” line is because when Word was installed on that machine it was installed under a license owned by Truett-McConnell College. And if you are wondering why that might be relevant, Dr. Emir Caner, Ergun Caner’s brother, is the President of Truett-McConnell College. Emir Caner has benefitted greatly from Ergun’s rise in popularity from 2001 through early 2010, and has joined The Great Evangelical Cover Up in remaining silent about the knowledge he surely possesses about his brother’s false claims and bogus stories. It just so happens that those who know Emir have mentioned that he makes these exact same silly, ridiculous excuses for his brother’s misbehavior and falsehoods, so it is very interesting to find evidence that these articles, posted on Norman Geisler’s website, give evidence of having been written by a word processor installed on a computer at Truett-McConnell College. And the great cover-up goes on…

From there I went back into about half an hour of further response to Wajdi Akkari, looking at “only-begotten” and the Comma Johanneum, two areas where Muslims keep repeating confused and erroneous statements made by men like Ahmed Deedat. Then we took three Skype calls to finish off the program.

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