On the program today we started off with a brief report on the events this weekend up at Reformation Montana and the nature of the debate/discussion with Justin Lee (the audio should be available today or tomorrow in our online store). Then I discussed the comments of someone who uses the moniker “Descriptive Grace” who, though he has clearly not read my book on the Qur’an, left a comment at TurretinFan’s blog accusing it of being filled with inaccuracies and attacks on Christians because “that’s how Jimmy rolls.” I wrote to this individual and invited them to call in to back up their accusations, but, of course, we did not receive a phone call. Mentioned our continuing need for funds for the debates in South Africa with Yusuf Ismail and Adnan Rashid (click here!), and then reviewed this amazing “sermon” by a “bishoptrix” wherein she demonstrated that what the Scriptures actually meant to their author is, of course, irrelevant to her. Then we addressed, briefly, Scott Alt’s catapulting into the realm of utter absurdity with this blog article wherein he demonstrates that “reason and truthfulness is not relevant in the defense of Mother Rome.” Then we discussed some changes in the new 2013 edition of the LDS Scriptures relating to the Book of Abraham, and took one phone call on “prevenient grace.”

Here’s the program.

And don’t forget the WayBack Machine, streaming Dividing Lines from 1998 onward 24/7! You can listen on the Flash Player found here.

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