Today on the Dividing Line we covered a wide variety of topics, including briefly looking at Al Mohler’s talk at BYU, and some recent incidents of infanticide and Western culture’s love of death and destruction.  I then played a clip from Mr. Pinto’s Tares video that illustrates the ease with which conspiracy theories can be produced (did you know Darwin published Origin of the Species in the same year Tischendorf discovered the full text of Codex Sinaiticus?  Amazing!  It is even more amazing when you play spooky music in the background while saying it!).  I also played the rest of the relevant material from the debate with Shabir Ally at the University of Pretoria that provides the background to the response articles I am currently posting here at  We also took an important call on using John 5 in witnessing to those who deny the deity of Christ.  We tried to have a conversation with Manuel, one of our Oneness listeners, but as usual, Manuel proved incapable of self-control (a problem we have had with him literally for years).

Finally, our last caller, a former Mormon himself, asked me directly about my thoughts about the Strange Fire Conference and all that has happened in the interaction of Phil Johnson, Michael Brown, Adrian Warnack, Sam Storms, etc. and etc. and etc.  So, I gave my honest opinion.  If I can figure out how to post that as a separate time indexed video, I may do so.


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