I continued my review of The John 3:16 Conference on the program today, playing clips from Paige Patterson, David Allen, etc. I play a clip from Paige Patterson where he says that you cannot prove from Scripture that all men are born guilty. I note the following comments from Dr. Boyce:

It follows from the facts in these last two statements, that a corrupt nature makes a condition as truly sinful, and guilty, and liable to punishment, as actual transgressions. Consequently, at the very moment of birth, the presence and possession of such a nature shows that even the infant sons of Adam are born under all the penalties which befell their ancestor in the day of his sin. Actual transgression subsequently adds new guilt to guilt already existing, but does not substitute a state of guilt for one of innocence. (James Boyce, Abstract of Systematic Theology, p. 250.

I addressed the new article posted by David Allen on Peter Lumpkin’s blog at the end of the program. Here’s that portion:

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