I think that is the longest title to a DL blog entry I’ve ever produced! We started off looking at Robert Sungenis’ comments in response to TurretinFan’s article on the Immaculate Conception debate with Christopher Ferrara. I must say, Dr. Sungenis was very nice to talk to and debate in Santa Fe. He should be commended. But this article left me searching for words to describe the abject circularity of the Roman position, it truly did. I was completely amazed. Then I moved on to the September 1, 2010 edition of “Deep in Scripture” with host Marcus Grodi, where Patty Bonds was invited to give Scriptural insights. I used this as an excellent example of “Convert Syndrome,” and the methodology of those who, like Grodi, specialize in “conversion to Rome” rather than “conversion to Christ” evangelism. Then we had a caller who had hung in there with us on hold the entire program, so we went a few minutes long to address his questions concerning dealing with unitarians in the Messianic Jewish movement.

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