I invited the Dean and Assistant Dean (who is shorter than the Dean) of the Midwest Center for Theological Studies to join me today on the program. Sam Waldron (Dean) and Richard Barcellos (Assistant Dean) were kind enough to take a full hour out of their day to chat with me. We covered a lot of topics, discussing their work with MCTS, their educational philosophies, and the topics of their books. Then we took two calls, one from India, and one from St. Kitts in the West Indies. A great time with two great brothers doing a great work.

Let me once again reiterate my tremendous thanks to MCTS, RBS, and IRBS for allowing me the privilege of teaching the Polemics module week before last. It was great to meet the students, and I look forward to teaching there again! I am really pushing to do a class on the writing, collation, and transmission of the text of the NT during the first 400 years, including a survey of all of the gnostic gospels. I think that would be a really needed and exciting class. If you think so to…let Richard Barcellos know! 🙂

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