Today on the Dividing Line I started out responding to an article by Malcolm Lavender on Acts 13:48. Then we took two excellent phone calls, the second of which was particularly useful as it focused upon Biblical authority in response to Roman Catholic claims. Should be useful to a wide variety of folks.
   Also, when talking to someone in channel concerning an acquaintance who was moving toward Rome and reading Scott Hahn’s book on Mary, I started looking for the two Dividing Lines I did on Hahn’s book when it first came out. I looked and looked and looked, but could not find them. Eventually I realized that they had been on, and had never been archived in our mp3 archives (which only go back to 2002). We have fixed that, so that they are now found in the 2001 archive listing, though I haven’t been able to add the description yet. They are the dates are 4/21/01 and 5/05/01. If you have not listened to these programs (and that would be a majority of folks), you will find them helpful if you are dealing with Roman Catholicism.

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