Well, definitely an interesting program today. Started out with Karl Keating’s e-letter and some stuff about comments on Jimmy Akin’s blog. Then we talked about the PCUSA moving to adopt new terminology for the Trinity, like “Mother, Child, and Womb.” I’m not making this up. Then I looked at Greg Boyd’s attempt to get around John 9. Then, in response to the invitation/challenge I posted last night, “Shane,” who had posted a number of things about me on Jimmy Akin’s blog, had the courage to call in, so we talked the last twenty some odd minutes of the program. Shane is going to call back when he has the documentation he needs to back up his accusation that I engaged in dishonest behavior in my last debate with Tim Staples. I look forward to hearing from him. And while he’s looking things up, he might want to check out this article, and this one, too. They might help! All in all a very interesting hour. Here’s the program.

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