Covered a veritable plethora of topics today, making for a rather daedal program (hey, it’s the Word of the Day!). Got everyone in the mood by having another Mylo Hatzenbuhler concert in the pre-feed, including that incredible classic, “Who Let the Hogs Out?” Anyway, having recovered our senses after that, I noted with some humor the attempt of LDS scholar John Tvedtnes to address the issue of the Doctrines of Grace, and how you have to work pretty hard to make some of the other representations of Calvinism we’ve seen look “good.” Then I took a few calls, and then looked at Brandon Cox’s claim that Adrian Rogers’ “masterful exegesis” of Romans 9 had converted him from being a “Calvinist.” So we listened to some of my response to Rogers from 2002 on that very passage. Here’s the program.

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