Before diving back into Sheikh Awal’s opening statement I very briefly responded to yet another “Hey, let’s repeat every tired and silly argument against James White” thread on the Catholic Answers Forums. Also, we went over Norman Geisler’s less than unbiased (and still not really comprehensible) commentary on the Caner scandal. Then spent most of our time responding to Sheikh Awal’s arguments, before taking a Skype call toward the end of the Comma Johanneum.

Update: I note that right as I posted this, James Swan pointed me to some of the comments posted in the Catholic Answers Forum thread after I mentioned it on the Dividing Line. One of them is such a classic example of the blindness engendered by gross bigotry and prejudice I could not pass it up. The same individual I noted regarding his unkind and unwarranted remarks (and possible allegation of editing of debate recordings) provided an excellent example of what passes for being “fair” in those forums:

I didn’t waste my time with his show. Actually the truth is I don’t know how to access his show but if I did I would not waste my time with it. I can only imagine what he said or thinks about me after my posts on this thread. Be it known that my intent was not mean spirited but rather my discernment was that tactics employed by James White are not christian like. To make a statement, like another poster reported that he did, wherein he claimed that all Catholics are biased is ludicrous. Over 1.1 billion Catholics in the world and everyone of them is biased against James White. I take that to mean that Catholics don’t see things his way

Well there you go!

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