Started off reviewing this piece of investigative work that helps to shed a lot of light on Ergun Caner’s claims relating to Arabic as his first language, living in only “majority Muslim countries” prior to coming to the US (must have been when he was two years of age), coming here via “Beirut and Cairo,” all that time he spent as a three year old training in the madrassa in Turkey after being born in Istanbul (Sweden), etc. I would like to think this information would finally prompt the powers-that-be high up on Liberty Mountain to have a little talk with Dr. Caner and let the rest of us know what the real story is, but—we will see.
   Then I responded to a portion of the debate from last week about assurance of salvation, then we started taking our calls. Our first caller related an exchange with Dr. Brown on Genesis 50:20 that was most interesting (Aaron has been studying Hebrew for a number of years now), and then we chatted with Pierre, our LDS caller for a while. He wanted to comment on William Lane Craig’s assertions that I played last week. A most interesting call! Then we finished off with a discussion of Genesis 4:7.

   Don’t forget Thursday we start an hour early for the second half of the debate with Michael Brown! Be listening then!

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