We began the program with a discussion with Hussein Wario. Mr. Wario had called once before, defending Ergun Caner’s claim to have done his Islamic prayers in the boys restroom in high school. I will let the listener draw their own conclusions from our exchange, but it was sad to listen to him refuse to answer direct questions, dodge the documentation of his error regarding the proper means of hadith citation, and then join his compatriots in showing a willingness to “shoot the messenger” and attack me personally. Then we had some great calls, and finished up with a Skype call from Down Under, where an Englishman who is stranded in the Queen’s Penal Colony announced that England will defeat the United States this weekend in the World Cup. In the process, I got called “seagull bait.” You will have to listen to get that part.

So as to not multiply posts…

The following is still on the Liberty website, part of a PDF specifically advertising the seminary and seeking to attract students. It takes time to hide evidence of long-standing exaggeration and falsehoods, as the claims regarding his alleged debates remains, and that right in the middle of a self-promotional piece. But what caught my attention were these lines:

Knowing that they were training for such missions, these soldiers trained every day for the most intense warfare. Committed & hungry—they understand a simple yet profound principle: to be truly prepared, you cannot take shortcuts. They study under instructors who have learned from conflict and battle. For them, it is not enough to know theory and conjecture. They train for the real struggle….Why? Because in real life ministry, there are no shortcuts.

I cannot think of a greater example of “short cutting” than making up a mythical past and claiming to do what you have never done, all to promote yourself. The only battle Ergun Caner has been in of late is the one brought on by his attempts to slam believers who have sought to challenge him to honesty and truthfulness.

Speaking of “Front Lines,” pray for myself and the other men who will be engaging in the debate series in Detroit next weekend. I will be recording videos for airing on the Aramaic Broadcasting Network on the reliability of the NT, and then doing two debates with Sheikh Awal. [Note: my debate on Sunday has been switched with Tony Costa’s, so mine will be in the evening now]. We will actually be on the very “Front Lines” Ergun Caner claims as his field of battle. He will, as always, be conspicuous by his absence.

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