A bit of a frustrating program today. Started out with an update on Dr. Lee Carter and his refusal to even respond to my e-mails, let alone deal with his prejudice against believing Christians, and his unwillingness to acknowledge how wrong it is to tell Christian students in class that their parents “lied” to them. Then I took a long phone call. My first mistake was not to recognize the name and place of origin. John from Detroit called, and he has called before. If I recall correctly, the first call was on an accusation of error on Jesus’ part regarding the coming of the Kingdom in Matthew 17/18. I think it may have been on a second call on that topic that the subject of Robert Price came up. I repeated a statement from Dan Wallace regarding Price, which turned out to be in error (i.e., Wallace mistook what Price was referring to in reference to a particular Latin manuscript of the New Testament). I linked to this discussion back in June of this year, but I noticed that the link no longer gives the exact article, which is found here. Well, as I said, I did not recognize the name, and, given the way he began, I assumed, as I think everyone else did, that he was a believer. I wasted a huge chunk of time treating the man as a believer, discussing with him the issue of Beckwith and the Council of Trent, which I never, ever would have done had I realized he was just using this as a set up to go back to the Price issue. Once I realized my error in wasting half my program on that subject, we moved back to the BAM program with Akin, and closed out with a call on various topics, but concluding with a discussion of whether there are “original” manuscripts of the Qur’an.

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