I’m sure some of you were disappointed that we could not make the announcement of our next major upcoming event, but once we are able to do so, I trust you will see that we needed to make sure everything was properly arranged ahead of time. I won’t set at date for that until I have absolute confirmation from all the key folks that we will be ready. There are actually three, four major things coming together all at once, so when we “pull the trigger,” well…you’ll know it, believe me.

I did, however, make a major announcement today, and I hope that all of you who have supported Alpha and Omega Ministries will listen carefully to the program today. I announced my entrance into a Ph.D. program in Islamic studies, and spoke about my reasons for following what I believe to be the Lord’s leading in this matter, my goals, and my concerns relating to the maintenance of the work of Alpha and Omega during this time period. I cannot say “no” to the many opportunities of debate, teaching, preaching, and writing, that come my way in increasing numbers. So I have to somehow work smarter, work harder, and find a way to combine all of these things in such a fashion as to glorify God through the advancement of this ministry. This will mean more work for Rich, and more demands on the ministry itself. We had some callers who likewise commented on the importance of the work.

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