Started off with a discussion of some comments from Bassam Zawadi (first half hour), then took calls on a wide variety of topics, including witnessing to Muslims, Qur’anic variations, and whether a parable in Matthew is relevant to particular redemption.

Just a reminder: I do not know when we will be able to schedule any DL’s during my trip to the UK. I may see if I can talk TurretinFan and some of the other bloggers into doing one on their own, and of course if I find myself in a position to be able to do a Skype DL from London or Dublin or Glasgow, I will do so, but I have lined out a pretty busy trip, so I can’t make any promises. Please remember that the work of the ministry goes on back here in Phoenix even when I am on the road, and though we have bought and paid for the airline tickets back and forth to the UK (and internally), there are still costs we need help with. Thank you for listening to the DL, and especially for supporting our work!

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