Started off with a brief clip from the now famous Todd White sermon from two days ago, then talked a bit about Timothy Cho’s tweets, one on the nuclear family, the other on face masks. I spent a few minutes going over my arguments on the mask mandates in response. Briefly talked about a student kicked out of student government in Florida, and finished up with a discussion of a proposed online debate with Dr. Jeffrey Riddle on the Critical Text vs. the Textus Receptus and why we should focus upon the unique readings found in Ephesians 3:9, or 1 John 5:7, or Revelation 16:5, so that the true claims being made by the TR Only position can be seen and evaluated.

Addendum: I discussed the mask mandates and mentioned that I have sent two URLs to mask-mandate supporters and never received a response, from anyone. I emphasized that the studies need to be pre-covid since it is very obvious politics and money are now controlling the entire medical narrative. Both of these studies were done prior to the pandemic panic, though published after it started. Hence they are the most up-to-date peer-reviewed studies prior to the politicization of the field. Here are the links: here and then here.


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