This past weekend Frank Beckwith joined Greg Koukl on Stand to Reason. Koukl and Beckwith are friends, having worked together closely in the past. But Greg Koukl is a former Roman Catholic by conviction, and it comes out in his understanding of the issues relating to how a man is made right with God, and how Rome’s answer to that question is not the Bible’s answer to that question. Being a former Roman Catholic may or may not mean that a man actually understands, not just with the head, but with the heart, why Rome is to be rejected. That is why I refer to Koukl as a former Roman Catholic by conviction. Such are few and far between, sadly.
   In any case, for two hours Koukl and Beckwith chatted, along with a handful of callers. What I heard was very consistent with what I have read from Beckwith thus far, and fell very much in line with the commentary I have offered in reference to his stated reasons for his reversion. Given the (mis)use of Beckwith that is surely to be seen on the part of Rome’s apologetic community (he is already scheduled to be on EWTN, to be writing for This Rock, etc.), it is appropriate to examine his claims closely and, when truth requires it, refute them. This we will do this week on the Dividing Line, starting tomorrow with our Tuesday program. Join me then!

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