As normal, it is Tom Buck’s fault. Everything is Tom’s fault these days, so, we might as well join in the fun. Seriously, I mentioned him retweeting the video of Riley Gaines being attacked by trans-madness thugs and that was just part of a half hour monologue on creation norms, the culture of death, and the madness of a society making its lasts gasps as it dies a self-inflicted death. And right in the middle of talking about censorship and the fact that only children require that everyone else be told to shut up, Twitch pulled the plug and cancelled us. Suspended our account and shut down the live stream. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy! We really didn’t need further evidence of the utter degradation of social media platforms and the media, but thanks for the really personal example! So, we will have to live stream from Odysee next week, as it is our only option right now. We will not be posting this program to YouTube, obviously! Catch it while you can!

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