Though the file is up, evidently, I’m the only one who can post the DL announcements, and since I left right after the program, and then flew up to Salt Lake, no one posted the DL from last Thursday. My apologies, we really need to get some other folks who can do this so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks as it has this time. Especially since last Thursday’s program was important. I started playing William Lane Craig’s comments on Roman Catholicism. Now, I really do not want to pick on Dr. Craig. He seems like a very nice fellow. But when it comes to illustrating how theology determines apologetics, his theology, which is closer to Rome’s than Geneva’s by a long shot, provides the foundation of his apologetic method. He provides the clearest counter-example to a thoroughly biblical apologetic out there. Just last night in my class at GGBTS I again contrasted his opening statement in the debate with Frank Zindler with Bahnsen’s opening statement, and used that as the launching point for a discussion of Romans 1 and Colossians 1 and a thoroughly Christian epistemology. So to hear WLC saying that the difference between himself and Rome is exactly the same as the difference between himself and a Presbyterian or a Lutheran is very helpful in explaining the results of paddling around in the Tiber River and never truly taking a stand on the definitional aspect of the gospel. We will, in fact, continue that discussion today on the DL. But, finally, last Thursday’s program is here.

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