Well, you never know what is going to happen when you start up the Dividing Line theme, or in this case, the Radio Free Damascus theme.  We provided a rather full response to this interview with Sheikh Awal regarding our debate in Detroit, providing all the background material, etc., for the listener to judge.  Then we played about 15 minutes or more of the actual debate (which is being uploaded even now to YouTube).  Then Ijaz Ahmed himself called in—ok, well, he called, but to make it easier on him, we called him back (as he is overseas, it seems).  We started talking, and when he started to try to hold me accountable for everything Sam Shamoun says or does, I asked Sam to call, not knowing if he was or was not listening.  Sam did, and well, it got real interesting after that, I assure you!  A very lively 45 minutes, but one that may try the patience of some.  In any case, not your normal DL, to be sure!

Here is the YouTube link:


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