Joseph Ratzinger, the chief theologian of the Roman Church, architect of the central document of Vatican II, the man behind so much of the theological documents of John Paul II, has been elected Pope, taking the name of Benedict XVI. Surely, the election of Ratzinger, at age 78, follows the normal “routine,” and signals a “staying of the course” theologically.

We likewise pressed on with the DL and had Marty Minto as our guest, and then discussed Ratzinger’s elevation to the pontificate. Here’s the program.

Oh, and thank you to the 14,753.7 people (I’ll let you figure it out) who sent me the reference to the Luther quote, which is, “Luther’s Works. Weimar Edition. Briefwechsel [Correspondence], vol. 3, pp. 81f.” Now I can put that on my quotation and feel good. Man I have a lot of net geeks reading this blog. 🙂 Geeks unite!

And Also…Robert Lopez, a Roman Catholic who had written to me after the death of the Pope, just wrote to me:

Like I said before, here is just another proof…….On the day you planned to have Marty Minto on your radio show so you can use the poor guy for your own selfish motives to promote your false gospel, our Lord again puts another world wide event in your way, another road block, another brick wall, all to bring glory, praise and honor to the one and only true Church on this earth, the Roman Catholic Church…

Mr. Lopez: and as I told you then, God’s work goes on, no matter who is elected to the position of “Bishop of Rome.” Yes, we will still have our program; I have no “selfish motives” for the program, it addresses a real and important issue; given that you yourself have not even tried to address the gospel with me, and have provided no response to the full explications we have provided, I can only give your accusation against the gospel the weight it deserves (which is none); and as to glory, praise and honor, I will stay with the saints and give all of that to God alone. Unlike you, I am not giving divine titles to a sinful human being today, Mr. Lopez. You should consider this fact.

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