I went back to listen to the rest of Dr. Craig’s comments on Roman Catholicism at the start of the show. Then we took a call from Patrick who informed me that Craig had answered a question from Hitchens in their debate by pointing to Calvinism as a false teaching. Since I knew “Good Ol’ Beau” in California had sent the DVD to our Post Office Box, I mentioned this to Rich. Barry was in the “studio audience,” so he ran to the Post Office and grabbed Beau’s package and raced back (legally, I’m sure) to the office with it. I threw it in my computer and jumped to the cross-ex period. We actually managed to listen to the relevant portion. Hitchens asked Craig whether he believed any of the world religions could be considered false, and Craig identified Islam as an example of a world religion that is untrue in its central assertions. Hitchens then asked if teaching falsehood was morally wrong, and Craig said it was, so Hitchens closed the loop of his argument by saying that religion (in this case, Islam) was producing a lot of wrong-doing in Craig’s opinion, and he agreed. So with his last question, right at the end of the time period, Hitchens asked if there were any Christian denominations Craig regards as “false.” Craig replied, “Certainly.” Hitchens asked him to identify one. Craig replied, “Ummm…well, I’m not a Calvinist. I think certain tenets of Reformed theology are incorrect.” He then said these were intra-mural differences. What utterly amazes me is that he would refuse to identify Rome’s massively altered gospel as the most obvious example, but instead would refer to Calvinism! It makes for interesting listening!

Don’t forget! We need to move the Thursday DL to the normal Tuesday time slot, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT, as I am teaching Thursday evening at the GGBTS campus in Scottsdale.

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